foobar2000 1.0 Final, foo_wave_seekbar v0.1.8, foo_input_tak v0.4.4

Дата обновления: 09 Января 2010
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  • Как бы это смешно не звучало, но, после почти девяти лет разработки плеера, таки увидела свет финальная версия foobar2000 1.0, с чем я вас и поздравляю. Список изменений относительно версии следующий:

    *New context menu structure - better out-of-the-box layout but less customizable.
    *Built-in support for Windows Media and RTSP streaming.
    *“Edit” menu operates on the currently selected object rather than always on the active playlist.
    *Improved compatibility with multimedia keyboards.
    *Improved, more customizable album art support.
    *Portable installs now remember Media Library paths relatively to the install folder.
    *Reworked Preferences: OK/Cancel/Apply buttons, new layout of standard pages.
    *New options regarding selection viewer behavior.
    *Default User Interface: new pseudo color code system for status bar and playlist view.
    *CD ripping improvements:
    *Results can be now checked against the AccurateRip database on-the-fly.
    *CD-TEXT reading support. *Ability to choose individual tracks to rip in the “Rip Audio CD” dialog.

  • Обновлен плагин Waveform seekbar (foo_wave_seekbar.dll) до версии 0.1.8. Изменения в последних версиях:

    0.1.8 (2010/01/09)
    Fixed some logic faults in caching Direct2D waves.
    Display zero-amplitude placeholder if no immediate result is available.
    Return result if redundant request is detected.

    0.1.7 (2010/01/09)
    GDI now looks pretty much like the Direct3D version. Shader changes will still not affect it.
    Removed GDI+ for regular GDI, as GDI+ didn't offer much improvements.
    Reduced idle CPU usage greatly, especially for streams and other non-analyzable tracks.
    Slightly more friendly test for D3DX9, previous one tested for D3D10X.
    More robust against multiple accidental instances.

  • Обновлен плагин TAK Decoder (foo_input_tak.dll) до версии 0.4.4. Новая версия требует foobar2000 1.0 или более новый.

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